Tongkat Kaki Lipat (Walking Stick)

Tongkat Kaki Lipat (Walking Stick)

Tongkat Kaki Lipat (Walking Stick)

Rp 100,000/pcs

Harga khusus Online (Belanja lebih Hemat) di Distributor Alkes.

tongkat lipat kaki satu yg praktis, bisa dilipat menjadi 4 bagian, dapat diatur tinggi rendahnya, dan dapat dimasukkan kedalam tas, sehingga mudah menyimpannya ketika berpergian.

Deskripsi Produk

Jual Tongkat Kaki Lipat (Walking Stick). Harga Rp. 69.000,- Harga khusus Online (Belanja lebih Hemat) di Distributor Alkes.

Tongkat Kaki Lipat (Walking Stick), merupakan alat bantu jalan yang sangat praktis dan ringan. Tongkat Kaki Lipat (Walking Stick) dapat dilipat menjadi 4 (empat) bagian sehingga mudah untuk dibawa bepergian dan dapat dimasukkan dalam tas. Dapat diatur tinggi rendahnya.

Tongkat Kaki Lipat (Walking Stick)

  • Jenis : Alat Bantu Jalan
  • Kondisi : Baru
  • Bahan : Alumunium
  • Tinggi Tongkat : 72 – 95cm (Adjustable)
  • Packing tongkat kaki lipat (walking stick) lebih kecil dibandingkan tongkat kaki satu biasa

Kang Zhu Tongkat Kaki 1 Lipat merupakan Tongkat yang digunakan pasien setelah perawatan / operasi kaki dan juga cocok digunakan oleh para manula. Tongkat dapat dilipat dengan mudah dan disimpan dalam tas khusus sehingga dapat dibawa kemana pun. Bahan tongkat menggunakan aluminium yang berkualitas dan ringan sehingga menjamin keamanan pengguna, sedangkan bahan pegangan menggunakan bahan plastik yang awet.

A walking stick is a device used by many people to facilitate walking, for fashion, or for defensive reasons.

Walking sticks come in many shapes and sizes, and can be sought by collectors. Some kinds of walking stick may be used by people with disabilities as a crutch. The walking stick has also historically been known to be used as a defensive or offensive weapon, and may conceal a knife or sword as in a swordstick.

Walking sticks, also known as trekking poles, pilgrim’s staffs, hiking poles or hiking sticks, are used by hikers for a wide variety of purposes: to clear spider webs, or part thick bushes or grass obscuring the trail; as a support when going uphill or a brake when going downhill; as a balance point when crossing streams, swamps or other rough terrain; to feel for obstacles in the path; to test mud and puddles for depth; and as a defence against wild animals. Also known as an alpenstock, from its origins in mountaineering in the Alps, such a walking stick is equipped with a steel point and a hook or pick on top, as famously used by Sherlock Holmes in his trek in “The Final Problem”. A walking stick can be improvised from nearby felled wood. More ornate sticks are made for avid hikers, and are often adorned with small trinkets or medallions depicting “conquered” territory. Wood walking sticks are used for outdoor sports, healthy upper body exercise and even club, department and family memorials. They can be individually handcrafted from a number of woods, and may be personalised in many ways for the owner.

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