Tensimeter Digital Beurer BC 32 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Tensimeter Digital Beurer BC 32

Tensimeter Digital Beurer BC 32 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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– Number of memory : 2 User with Maximum 60 records
– Measure-during-inflating : YES
– WHO Indicator : YES
– Time and date : YES
– Measurement range : 0~290mmHg
– Pulse value : 40~199 times per minute
– Only for Adults : YES
– Signaling of operating errors : YES
– Automatic switch-off function : YES
– Timer : YES
– Display : LCD
– Low Battery Indicator : YES
– Touch sensor switch : YES
– KEY-LOCK switch : YES
– Storage box :YES


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Jual Tensimeter Digital Beurer BC 32 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor. Harga Rp. 370.000,- Harga khusus Online (Belanja lebih Hemat) di Distributor Alkes.

Tensimeter Digital Beurer BC 32  Merupakan tensimeter digital pada pergelangan tangan (Wrist blood pressure monitor) yang bekerja secara otomatis untuk mengukur tekanan darah dan detak jantung. Tensimeter Beurer BC 32 yang mudah dibawa bepergian karena memiliki ukuran yang kecil dan ringkas. Wrist blood pressure monitor Beurer BC 32 memiliki fitur yang canggih, diantaranya dapat mendeteksi kelainan ritme detak jantung (arrhythmia).

Tensimeter Digital Beurer BC 32 mudah untuk dioperasikan, cukup menekan 1 tombol, proses pengukuran tekanan darah berjalan secara otomatis. Dilengkapi dengan layar LCD yang besar, menjadikan hasil pengukuran dengan menggunakan tensimeter digital Beurer BC 32 mudah untuk dibaca.

Tensimeter Digital Beurer BC 32

  • Average of all saved maesured values and morning and evening blood pressure for the last 7 days
  • Fully-automatic measurement on the wrist
  • For wrist circumference of 13.5-19.5 cm
  • Blood pressure passport
  • 2 x 60 memory spaces
  • Warns of pos. disterbances of the cardiac rhythm (arrhythmia detection)
  • Time and date
  • Automatic switch-off function
  • tensimeter digital Beurer BC 32 is Medical product

Advice using Wrist blood pressure monitor BC 32 Beurer

  • In order to ensure comparable values, always measure your blood pressure at the same time of day.
  • Before every measurement, relax for about five minutes.
  • If you want to perform several measurements on the same person, wait five minutes between each measurement. Do not take a measurement within 30 minutes after eating, drinking, smoking or exercising.
  • Repeat the measurement if you are unsure of the measured value.
  • The measurements taken by you are for your information only – they are not a substitute for a medical examination! Discuss the measurements with your doctor, and never base any medical decisions on them (e.g. medicines and their administration)!
  • Do not use the blood pressure monitor on newborns or patients with preeclampsia. We recommend consulting a doctor before using the blood pressure monitor during pregnancy.
  • This device is not intended for use by people (including children) with restricted physical, sensory or mental skills or a lack of experience and/or a lack of knowledge, unless they are supervised by a person who is responsible for their safety or are instructed by such a person in how to use the device. Supervise children around the device to ensure they do not play with it.
  • In the case of restricted circulation on the arm as a result of chronic or acute vascular diseases (including vascular constriction), the accuracy of the wrist measurement is limited. In this case you should avoid using an upper arm blood pressure monitor.
  • Cardiovascular diseases may lead to incorrect measurements or have a detrimental effect on measurement accuracy. The same also applies to very low blood pressure, diabetes, circulatory disorders and arrhythmias as well as chills or shaking.
  • The blood pressure monitor must not be used in connection with a high-frequency surgical unit.
  • Only use the unit on people who have the specified wrist measurement for the device.
  • Please note that when inflating, the functions of the limb in question may be impaired.
  • During the blood pressure measurement, blood circulation must not be stopped for an unnecessarily long time. If the device malfunctions, remove the cuff from the arm.
  • Do not allow sustained pressure in the cuff or frequent measurements. The resulting restriction of the blood flow may cause injury.
  • Ensure that the cuff is not placed on an arm in which the arteries or veins are undergoing medical treatment, e.g. intravascular access or therapy, or an arteriovenous (AV) shunt.
  • Do not use the cuff on people who have undergone a mastectomy.
  • Do not place the cuff over wounds as this may cause further injury.
  • Place the cuff on your wrist only. Do not place the cuff on other parts of the body.
  • The blood pressure monitor can only be operated with batteries.
  • To conserve the batteries, the monitor switches off automatically if no buttons are pressed for one minute.
  • The device is only intended for the purpose described in these instructions for use. The manufacturer is not liable for damage resulting from improper or careless use.

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