Spuit (Alat Suntik) Syringe Cosmo 10ml (w/ needle)

Spuit w/ needle (Syringe 10ml)
Spuit Syringe w/ Needle 10cc

Spuit (Alat Suntik) Syringe Cosmo 10ml (w/ needle)

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  • 200 sd 499 pcs, Disc. 5% (Rp. 1.140/Pcs)
  • 500 sd 1199 pcs, Disc. 10% (Rp. 1.080/Pcs)
  • 1200 pcs >, Disc. 20% (Rp. 960/Pcs)
  • Kemasan Blister, sekali pakai, tidak beracun, bebas pirogen.
  • Sterilisasi dengan Ethylene Oxide (gas EO).
  • Set Tube (tabung), Jarum Suntik (Spuit/ Needle)
Minimum Qty: 100

Deskripsi Produk

Jual Spuit (Alat Suntik) Syringe Cosmo 10ml (w/ needle). Harga Grosir » Rp.950,- (10ml) » ★★★★ » Harga khusus Online (Belanja lebih Hemat)

Spuit (Alat Suntik) Syringe Cosmo 10ml (w/ needle)  merupakan alat medis steril (alat suntik) yang digunakan untuk sekali pakai (disposable).

Spuit Features

– Blister packing, single use, non-toxic, pyrogen free.
– Transparent hub and clear graduation marker.
– Sterilized by Ethylene Oxide (EO gas).
– 10ml, Luer-Lock, with needle 21gx1-1/2, Box of 100s

– 1 Box = 100 pcs.
– Minimun Order Quantity of Spuit 100 Pcs

KEMKES RI AKL 20901111120

Spuit (Alat suntik) terdiri dari tabung (tube) dan jarum suntik (needle).

Using Spuit (Disposable Syringes)

Keep the needle and syringe (spuit) sterile.

Spuit Needle Syringe 10ml cosmoBecause any part of the syringe that you touch becomes contaminated, you should NOT touch parts that come into contact with the injectable vaccine. If you touch any of these parts by accident, the syringe and needle are not sterile. Discard them immediately and replace them with a sterile syringe and needle.

Never touch the needle with your fingers.

Health workers sometimes place their fingers on the needle to help guide it in when pushing through the skin. Touching the needle with your fingers contaminates the needle.

Should the injection site be cleaned?

The WHO Expanded Programme on Immunization does not require that injection sites be cleaned prior to giving an injection. Several large U.S. studies showed that persons receiving injections into uncleansed skin had no significant problems.

Despite the lack of evidence that it is necessary to clean injection sites, wiping the site with 70% alcohol remains the standard of practice in many settings. It does no harm if clean cotton and uncontaminated alcohol are used. It will decrease the number of organisms present on the skin, and thus may help reduce the risk of abscesses, as was shown in a study for drug users.

Disinfectants other than alcohol may not be beneficial. Pathogens can grow in many other disinfectants, and can grow well on moist cotton. Contamination can occur when containers for disinfectant or cotton are refilled again and again without cleaning, when cotton is torn with the hands, and when cotton is moistened and stored.

Avoid touching the injection site with your fingers.

After an injection, health workers sometimes apply pressure to the injection site with their fingers or a piece of cotton wool to reduce bleeding. It is a better practice to ask the patient or the adult accompanying small children to hold the cotton on the injection site.

Other injection practices that remain the same when using spuits.

• DO NOT re-use syringes that have been used before, including mixing syringes. Used, disposable syringes cannot be sterilized and eventually change shape at temperatures necessary for sterilization. Health workers who try to decontaminate, clean, and sterilize disposable equipment are at risk of accidental needlestick injuries.
Re-using syringes and needles can also transmit infections between patients.

• NEVER leave a item inserted in the vial cap to withdraw multiple doses. This provides a direct route for microorganisms to enter the vial and contaminate the vaccine. The needle used to withdraw the vaccine from the vial should also be used to administer the dose.

• ALWAYS use a new item and a new syringe every time an injection is given. The practice of loading multiple doses in a syringe and then injecting several children is dangerous and never justifiable.

• ALWAYS use a sterile to mix each vial of freeze-dried vaccine. Then, discard the mixing syringe and needle in the needle-disposal box.

• ALWAYS use a new item and a new syringe each time vaccine is withdrawn from a multi-dose vial.

Re-using the same syringe to give injections to several patients—even is changed—is a dangerous practice. It allows pathogens to contaminate the multi-dose vial and then be transmitted from patient to patient both by the contaminated vaccine and the syringe.

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