IV Cannula Wing Cosmo

IV Cannula Wing Cosmo

IV Cannula Wing Cosmo

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  • 50 pcs per dispenser box
  • 1000 pcs per dus (20 box per dus)
  • Dikemas secara Individual dalam blister packing.
  • Sterilisasi dengan Ethylene Oxide (gas EO).
Minimum Qty: 50

Deskripsi Produk

Jual IV Cannula Wing Cosmo. Harga Eceran Rp. 3360.- . Harga khusus Online (Belanja lebih Hemat).

IV Cannula Wing Cosmo bahan habis pakai (disposable) adalah alat infus untuk memasukkan cairan infus ke dalam tubuh melalui kelenjar vena. Digunakan bersama infus set (selang infus) yang menghubungkan cairan infus dengan jarumnya.

IV Cannula Wing Cosmo

  • IV Cannula with wing
  • Sterile EO
  • For single use
  • Non-Pyrogenic
  • Use is restricted


– 50 pcs / box.
– 20 Bxs / case

In medicine, a peripheral IV Cannula wing (PVC), peripheral venous line or peripheral venous access is a (small, flexible tube) placed into a peripheral vein in order to administer medication or fluids. Upon insertion, the line can be used to draw blood.

This is introduced into the vein by a needle (similar to blood drawing), which is subsequently removed while the small tube of the cannula remains in place. This is then fixed by taping it to the patient’s skin (unless there is allergy to adhesives). Newer it have been equipped with additional safety features to avoid needlestick injuries. The Modern consist of synthetic polymers such as teflon (hence the often used term ‘Venflon’ or ‘Cathlon’ for these).

A peripheral IV Cannula wing is the most commonly used vascular access in medicine. It is given to most emergency room and surgical patients, and before some radiological imaging techniques using radiocontrast, for example. In the United States, more than 25 million patients get a peripheral venous line each year.

A peripheral IV Cannula wing is usually placed in a vein on the hand or arm. It should be distinguished from a central IV Cannula wing which is inserted in a central vein (usually in the internal jugular vein of the neck or the subclavian vein of the chest), or an arterial which can be placed in a peripheral as well as a central artery. In children, a local anaesthetic gel (such as lidocaine) is applied to the insertion site to facilitate placement.

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